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Halloween is becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands, but why?

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Halloween supposedly derived from an ancient Celtic tradition, All Hallows’ Eve. But what is it about nowadays? How did traditions like Halloween influence our image of what is dark and scary? And why do some have the irresistible urge to be spooked or shocked?

Horror fanatic Thandeka Kramer-Wolf is the host of this Kenniscafé. She will explore the secret of our fascination with horror and scary things with Brenda Mathijssen, Peter de Jong and Julian Hanich. Brenda Mathijssen is an assistant professor in Religious Studies. In her research, she focuses on how we cope with death as a society and as individuals. Do we still have traditions around death in the Netherlands? Experimental psychologist Peter de Jong knows everything about disgust and phobia. How can genuine fear and the fascination for horror coexist in one brain? As a professor in film, Julian Hanich knows everything about horror movies and why we like them so much.

In Kenniscafé, we talk about current themes with Groningen scientists and researchers. Kenniscafé is organized in collaboration with Science LinX and Studium Generale and is supported by het Akkoord van Groningen.

Illustratie: Yvette Compaijen

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Kenniscafe Poep onder de loep
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